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How to Develop Your IT Roadmap

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A recent survey of IT professionals revealed that about 75% of staff time was spent on the day-to-day maintenance of core functions, which detracts from strategic initiatives. 

Focusing on the day-to-day work and not following a roadmap can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line. Without a roadmap, no one is steering the ship.  

Whether you’re preparing to launch a new CRM or implementing a new ERP system, developing a roadmap is essential. Our team at PMCS  developed a step by step guide to creating an IT roadmap

  • Identify Priorities

Start by auditing your existing systems. Note where technology is falling short and identify growth areas. By outlining the functional capabilities needed to improve your processes, you’ll be able to better plan for the future. Take note of what tools you’ll need to improve your existing systems. 

  • Measure Cost 

Create realistic estimates for each project in your roadmap. Be sure to include fees associated with maintaining infrastructure. 

  • Establish Timelines

Avoid pitfalls in your planning by creating reasonable timelines. Consider using consultants to help build a realistic schedule based on priorities. 

  • Assemble the Dream Team

Creating a cross-functional team to work on your roadmap can help with ensuring accountability. Bringing in team members from different departments will add new opinions to the mix and help keep your plans focused and aligned to overall business goals. However, getting the right people in the right place is the biggest challenge to creating a successful IT roadmap. The roadmap itself is useless without the proper team to help execute.

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