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3 Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

The global information technology industry is on pace to reach $5 trillion before the end of 2019, according to the research consultancy IDC. Approximately $1.6 trillion of that total will come from the United States alone. As the largest tech market in the world, data shows that the number of open IT positions has significantly outnumbered the number of IT professionals. And, as a result,  IT salaries have become increasingly competitive. 

More and more, businesses are using IT staff augmentation services rather than hiring expensive, full-time talent. In short, companies use staff augmentation to bring in highly skilled professionals to help complete short-term, high-volume projects. In the IT industry, staff augmentation allows companies to scale quickly. 

Read on and discover 3 significant benefits IT staff augmentation can have for your business. 

  • Save Money

Fill gaps in your team’s skill level without bringing an employee on full-time. Instead of paying for a year-round team member, IT staff augmentation allows you to bring a specialist on board to help complete a specific project. Plus, you can avoid the cost of investing in internal skill development and the liabilities of a full-time employee. 

  • Maintain control 

Should you need to closely monitor company resources, as an employer, you maintain full control. Rather than outsourcing an entire project, you remain in charge by only bringing in a few specialized individuals and adding them to your existing team. By bringing short-term employees into your team, you’re able to closely monitor progress and track results in real-time. 

  • Scale Quickly 

Staff augmentation is a cost-effective strategy that enables your business to meet more deadlines. By bringing in top talent on a project-to-project basis, your business is better equipt to meet more deadlines without sacrificing quality. Essentially, your business can meet more deadlines, hire top talent, and avoid paying a high-cost salary for a year-round team member. 

Learn more about IT Staff Augmentation and how it can transform your business! 

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