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Why Agile Application Development is Better

Over the past two decades, organizations have recognized the significant business results generated from maintaining a strong web presence and social media. Optimizing landing pages and developing a robust keyword strategy has become commonplace. Now, in 2019, businesses are turning to app development to stand out. 

Whether you’re on a small team or part of a large organization, application development is an enormous undertaking. Designing, building, and implementing a software application can demand a significant amount of resources and capital. The first step for your business is to determine the type of application you’ll want to create; mainframe, server, network-based, web-based or a combination. Next, you’ll want to decide how to build it. 

There’s More Than One Way

In 2019, there are several widely accepted methodologies for application development, waterfall, RAD, or agile development. Our team at PMCS views agile development as more than just a methodology. We see agile development as an overall approach to solution development. We adhere to that philosophy and adjust methodology based on each client’s needs. 

In the State of Texas, agencies are adopting agile delivery models for IT projects more and more. For the same reasons, our team at PMCS uses agile delivery for systems analysis and project planning for numerous public and private sector enterprise clients. 

Benefits of the Agile Delivery Approach

1)     Frequent delivery

2)     Short feedback loops

3)     Focus on continuous improvement, and adaptation of processes

4)     Flexibility to re-prioritize work, shift strategic objectives and re-allocate resources. 

5)     Regularly updated plans

6)     Fosters collaboration and Collective ownership of the work 

There’s enormous value in the agile approach because of the flexibility it provides agencies to adjust priorities. With a sprint timeline, agencies review deliverables at the end of each sprint and our team helps to determine lessons learned for the next sprint. We can work quickly to adjust deliverables and pivot when an agency needs to shift priorities or reallocate resources. 

You Don’t Have to Build Alone 

If you’re looking to build a high-performance, custom application, PMCS can provide outstanding IT consulting services at every stage of the software development cycle and help your team with documented deliverable-based milestones. Our phased project approach bridges the flexibility of Agile Development, with the firm commitment of contract terms.

Since 2006, our Austin-based team has specialized in helping enterprise and government organizations develop custom applications with software quality and performance at the forefront.

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