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Solving the IT Talent Gap – One Hire at a Time

IT Team

Even as we prepare to enter 2020, turning the page on a decade of unparalleled technological advancements, the IT gap persists. 

With the threat of disruption always looming, the pace of change in IT has reached a whole new level. Salaries are growing increasingly competitive, and companies are trying harder than ever to lure top tech talent. 

So, what’s the answer? Because full-time positions, certainly are not. 

According to a report by CIO, the difficult process of hiring full-time IT talent is creating huge business challenges. In fact, nearly 50% of all CIOs have missed out on hiring top tech talent because they could not meet salary demands. 

Finding the right candidate can take time. And by their very nature, companies in emerging markets don’t have the luxury of time. The longer they wait to bring in excellent IT talent, the further behind their product falls. To solve the talent shortage, the solution is IT Staff Augmentation. 

Hire Top Talent Quickly

IT Staff Augmentation allows companies to bring in tech experts to work on short-term, high volume projects such as building new applications, maintaining or migrating to new tech platforms, and managing or supporting current applications. While your full-time staff remains focused on mission-critical work, your part-time staffers can come in and execute on specific projects, without the high-cost annual salary expectations. 

How Do You Implement IT Staff Augmentation for Your Business? 

If you’re considering using IT Staff Augmentation for your business, the best approach is to work with a consultancy like our team at PMCS Services. We place IT experts in workplaces to supervise entire projects and allow businesses to grow through a combination of in-house talent and expert tech contractors. Staff augmentation is a cost-effective strategy that enables your business to meet more deadlines without paying a full-time salary. 

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