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Work from home – Be safe – Beat COVID-19

Work from home COVID19

As the coronavirus pandemic grows day by day, the majority of companies have implemented work-from-home policies. Although businesses are grappling with how to deal with this potential outbreak, working from home helps to prevent their employees from being exposed to this epidemic disease.

Even if you’ve done it before, working from home because of coronavirus might feel like an unusual challenge. While not knowing how long this will last, you may feel stressed and/ or less productive. What’s more, as schools and colleges shut down across the US, many employees struggle between company and family priorities. 

Therefore, let’s share some tips to stay productive and maintain mental well-being as well.

Dress appropriately

As you are at home, you may feel that your attire is not important. Little things matter your work style. You may be comfortable with your pajamas all day, but it makes you lazy and slows you down.

This doesn’t mean that you need to dress formally but keep yourself fresh and clean. So you might not feel a difference in your normal life.

Build your work environment

For some people working in the living room, the dining room or the kitchen might distract from many things. Choose a place with fewer distractions. Simply use a table and a comfortable chair that you can sit in for business hours with small breaks. But if you are using your casual rooms, remember to keep a distance from your relaxation and watching tv. 

Stick to business hours

Working remotely, you might feel that you can start and end your work at any time. Therefore, define business hours clearly and stick to it. Have a schedule, plan your work daily, just as you did while working at the office. Do not misuse freedom, that would make you less productive.

Keep good communication

Always keep open communication with coworkers and management. Plan and share ideas collaboratively. Use communication tools. Schedule video calls with the team frequently and as-needed basis. That would make you less lonely. 

Do chores to break up your day

Help your family members when you get bored. Clean your house and maintain your hygiene. Spend some quality time with your family.

These times can be tough for everyone, which includes both the employers and employees. To make it through, find the best strategy that works for all. You may have been searching for better job opportunities in the IT field, but discouraged with this tougher period. Take help from consultants to make the right decision. If you are an employer who is looking for top talents for your business, stay connected with our IT staffing services. Stay safe at home, and keep in touch with us. Our team at  PMCS Services specializes in IT Consulting Services, IT Staffing, and IT Solutions.