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How to Answer the Question “Your Weaknesses” in a Job Interview

How to answer the question your weaknesses in a job interview

When you are in the hot seat, talking about all the positive things and work you have done, “tell me about your weaknesses,” question can threaten to ruin the whole image you have built from the beginning. Recalling your weaknesses makes anyone a bit uncomfortable and more negative. “Should I answer that I don’t have any weaknesses or should I tell the truth. How will they judge me?” All these thoughts are running through your mind in this nervous moment. It might be a bit tricky, but let’s find out and get ready for these types of questions. It is important to have something specific in your response that will make you a good fit for the role.

Know your weaknesses

Many interviewees make the mistake of not identifying their shortcomings. Identifying your negative areas is very important. Most people are unaware of quite a few of their weaknesses. If you’re not clear about your weaknesses, then chances are you’re not clear about your strengths either.

Being honest helps make a good impression when talking about your weaknesses. More often than not, a genuine, authentic answer impresses others. Identify a weakness that is relatively minor and fixable. If you give the impression that you can understand and leverage your strengths and acknowledge and learn from your weaknesses, employers will be more inclined to hire you.

Tell a story

The best way to do this is to illustrate a real-life example or a concrete example. Describe a situation where your weakness impacted your work and explain what you did to overcome it. Explain your weakness in a concise and neutral way. A story makes your answer stand out and look thoughtful and honest.  It also reveals other characteristics that interviewers are looking for.

Bring out the positivity from weaknesses

It is important to try and remain positive. It is important to explain how your weakness could be seen as a positive light on the job. Try to emphasize the positive and avoid negative words like failure, weak, or inept. Create the impression that it can become an asset for many things. Explain how you have transformed your weaknesses into strengths. Most importantly, describe the way you recognized the things you needed to improve and how you took steps to make it better.

Employers know that people make mistakes, but they want to know how you have handled yours. Knowing your weaknesses and overcoming them is significant. It reflects your work ethic and behavior. It’s an opportunity to show that you are a quick learner and a person who learns from constructive criticism. It demonstrates your understandability, discoverability, and adaptability.

These types of questions seem tough. To make it through, find the best strategy that works for yourself. You may have been searching for better job opportunities in the IT field. Take help from consultants to make the right decision. If you are an employer who is looking for top talents for your business, stay connected with our IT staffing services. Our team at PMCS Services specializes in IT Consulting Services, IT Staffing, and IT Solutions.