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Getting the Right People in the Right Places

Getting the right people in the right places

When a company is growing the management team has to recruit new employees, but should they hire all the candidates or just the first candidate who applied for the position? Obviously, there are many factors that should be considered throughout the onboarding process. Getting the right talent in the right position is not an easy task. But when you think through it, you can create your own criteria to select the best person out of the pool of candidates. 

Here are some facts for you to think about the importance of getting the right people in the right seats.


A good onboarding process helps you to incorporate new people. It builds trust with attracts and retains the best employees. It helps to build mutual understanding and because of that, employees do not hesitate to engage and support the company’s work.

Behind that, there’s a huge effort. The cost of onboarding is higher than you usually think. It includes time spent on paperwork and orienting, time spent on training, introducing new team members to clients, and the cost of the needed work tools and materials. Hiring a misfit can be a costly mistake!

High turnover

Retaining an employee is not an easy task. The majority of employees start looking for a new job just six months after accepting a position. From an employer’s perspective, it costs much more and takes more time to hire a new employee than to retain a current one. Moreover, high turnover doesn’t lead to good client relationships and doesn’t inspire your clients’ trust in your business. If the right people have been hired for the right position, there’s no need for them to be looking for other jobs. 

Stress and productivity

Bad hires cause more pain for you because it affects the productivity of your business. Maybe it’s because of lack of skills, or maybe their skills are underutilized, however, if the employee is not happy about their role, it affects their productivity. It adds stress for the employee and the employer as well.

There are many more reasons for getting the right people in the right seat. Pay more attention throughout the hiring process. Focus on getting to know people. Encourage more engagement. Set clear expectations and help employees set goals for themselves. Request feedback and collect their ideas on how onboarding can be improved. By recognizing all the factors associated with onboarding, you can reduce inefficiencies and improve onboarding efficiency and effectiveness.

If you are an employer who is looking for ways to hire new employees, our team at PMCS Service would love to help you to get the right people in the right place. Our primary goal is to fulfill your IT staffing needs by providing outstanding customer service, whether you’re looking for direct-hire, temporary, contract professionals. We would love to help and optimize things for you. If you are a job seeker looking for a better job opportunity, visit us to learn more.