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Onboard Talents during COVID-19

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, the majority of the US tech workforce is working remotely. Although the economy is standstill, the communities have to function normally to stay on with the day to day life. While the world is changing, talent acquisition should be continued at a much quicker pace to find new talents to the companies and on the other hand to find better career opportunities for job seekers.

Even though social distancing is impacting hiring and recruiting in different ways. Regardless of the challenges, remote working shouldn’t be the reason. We can take simple steps to overcome these challenges. Here are some tips to secure talents in your organization.

onboard talents during COVID19

Hire electronically with NO face-to-face interviewing

Sourcing candidates online is no longer a novelty. Employers can take help from PMCS IT staffing and consulting services, and job seekers can keep in touch with PMCS jobs to find the perfect fit.  

Conducting virtual interviews using the phone or video calls is easier, efficient and safer going forward. There are a lot of software platform options in the market like Unnanu Hire. Using apps and software can help simple hiring process by using the job application process with validation, and virtual interviewing with ease. Many software platforms allow real-time screen sharing that can be used for skill tests and other technical questions.

Simple and easy onboarding

In addition to the virtual interviews, of course, onboarding can be done remotely. Reviewing and signing onboarding documents or other paperwork can be done using secure hiring platforms like Unnanu Hire, and online orientations will help to adapt to the new environment. For a virtual onboarding experience, video conferencing or a text communication within the hiring platform would be the easiest way. Therefore, the candidate can navigate to the new environment, understand the company culture through virtual communication, and learn or interact through e-learning tools. Any equipment needed can be mailed with a welcome package is the safest and secure way to have a personal connection or communication.

Coronavirus is impacting everyone’s life. We will as a community eventually get over this. Therefore, we should not be worried or halt everything. Instead, adapting to the situation by taking advantage of it, making the right decisions, and taking necessary precautions will help to keep the ball rolling. Our team at PMCS services love to get the right people in the right place. Our primary goal is to fulfill your IT staffing needs by providing outstanding customer service, whether you’re looking for direct-hire, temporary, contract professionals. We love to help and optimize things for you.