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Public Sector Contract Services

PMCS leadership discussing about DIR IT Contract Services for Texas DIR IT Contracts and TIPS Contract

PMCS Services is proud to have been a DIR and TIPS approved vendor for over a decade. PMCS Services is a Texas certified HUB. These are our three approved contract vehicles with DIR and TIPS.

We provide functional, technical and management consulting services that are focused on planning, building, managing, and deploying a web-enabled enterprise application solution through implementations and upgrades as well as post-production support and improvements.

Our custom application developers and analysts provide innovative business and Web technology services that build upon and extend your organization's business and IT infrastructure-transforming the way you do business. Our consultants help ensure the alignment of your business and technology goals across your enterprise.

Whether it is at the application, infrastructure, or data layer, we can help you meet your business needs by helping simplify your infrastructure, delivering or entire project outcomes, or by providing permanent staff or professional consultants to augment your team. We are an experienced and skilled public sector specialized IT services firm, and you will not be disappointed. 

  • IT Consulting Services
  • DIR DBITS Services
  • Professional IT Staffing & Support Services
  • DIR ITSAC Services
  • Critical Application Support Services
  • Enterprise Support Services
  • Application Development Services
  • Project Planning, Management & Maintenance Services
  • System Design, Management & Maintenance Services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning & Integration Services
  • Data warehousing and Reporting Services