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The importance of a good cultural match between company and employee

The importance of a good cultural match between company and employee

Do you need to hire culturally fit employees? Does company culture matter a lot? Yeah, it does. It affects the overall health of the company. It plays a significant role in the employer-employee relationship and the success of the company. Therefore, it is more important to find good matches that are culturally fit during the hiring process. Different companies have different cultures that include what they value, what they expect of employees, how they reward good performance, etc. 

Here are some facts that will be useful for you to identify the importance of a good match between the company and employee from a cultural standpoint. 

How does it affect employee performance?

Simply put, company culture is the attitudes and behaviors of a company and its employees. It includes many things such as work environment, leadership, mission, values, ethics, goals, etc. Having a strong culture affects the performance of everyone. Having good communication and sharing values and beliefs help throughout the process. A healthy culture makes employees feel valued. When people feel valued and appreciated, they are more devoted to their work. For that, positive reinforcements help a lot. If the employer can provide opportunities to grow, profit sharing, and training sessions for professional and personal development, employees will be more motivated to work efficiently and effectively. That said, employers need to understand their employees’ needs and be flexible in order to accommodate them. That’s why you need to consider hiring a culturally fit employee during the hiring process.

For example, a good fit for someone with no kids and lives for their job might not be a good fit for a person with three kids, a wife, and an elderly parent that needs to be taken care of. They might both be great at their jobs, but one person will require much more flexibility and might prefer to be rewarded with a day off or a travel opportunity whereas the first individual might be happier with a pay bump.

Employee happiness

Another reason why you need to hire a good match for the company culture is employee satisfaction. When employees have attitudes and behavior that blend with the company culture, it is easier to hit company goals. Even if employees are talented, if they do not align with the organizational culture, there’s a higher chance of them becoming adversaries. When conflicts arise, it affects the unity of the organization. Having employees with similar cultural behavior improves employees’ happiness and reduces recruiting expenses since you can retain the talents, which will certainly help drive long-term growth and success for the company.

When you hire for both job fit and culturally fit, the new employees are more likely to quickly become a part of your team. They engage well and stay with you longer. They carry your brand to the world without hesitation. Besides, if you hire only job fit applicants, they get bored and dissatisfied when they feel unfulfilled and are less likely to stick with you. Due to this, it is important to match talents who are both job fit and culturally fit.

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