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Job Description Jargon – What does it actually say?

If you are an active job seeker who sees a job advertisement, what do you do first? If the position you are looking for has been highlighted, you are likely to read the job description – or JD. To put it simply, it is a description of a job. It tells you about job responsibilities, […]

How to Become an Executive

There are many milestones in one’s career path. Some like to stay with their comfortable roles and others like to explore into more adventurous positions to climb up the hierarchy. During this journey, the majority reflect “Where do I see myself in five years?”.  After working in a managerial position, and tasting leadership, a person […]

How to Answer the Question “Your Weaknesses” in a Job Interview

When you are in the hot seat, talking about all the positive things and work you have done, “tell me about your weaknesses,” question can threaten to ruin the whole image you have built from the beginning. Recalling your weaknesses makes anyone a bit uncomfortable and more negative. “Should I answer that I don’t have […]

How to Maintain Strong Employee Morale

There are a lot of things happening in the United States and around the world, we are in difficult times. There is more than one pandemic affecting American lives and local economies. Yet, businesses need to run for survival and the benefit of everyone. Leaders from CEOs and CIOs at the top of the hierarchy […]

Why do we need Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

The Texas State Government has introduced new legislation making annual cybersecurity training mandatory for all government employees. According to The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), “House Bill (HB) 3834 (86R) requires state and local government employees to complete a certified training program. Local governments must complete training by June 14, 2020. Local governments must […]

Returning to work, Do you have a plan?

With the difficult times during the COVID-19 outbreak, Texas is returning to work. While paying gratitude to the front-liner workers who are doing an amazing job to save lives. The majority of both employers and employees are wondering how to be prepared to return to work (RTW). Although the pandemic is not completely over yet, […]

Onboard Talents during COVID-19

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, the majority of the US tech workforce is working remotely. Although the economy is standstill, the communities have to function normally to stay on with the day to day life. While the world is changing, talent acquisition should be continued at a much quicker pace to find new talents to the […]